'Please Show Me Love Without Expectation' - Ruth Kadiri Says

‘Please Show Me Love Without Expectation’ – Ruth Kadiri Says

Please show me, love, without expectation if you want to show me love Ruth Kadiri says as she thanks those who wished her on her birthday day.

Nollywood actress, film producer, and screenwriter, Ruth Kadiri Ezerika has taken to her social media handle to advise those who blocked and unfollowed her after wishing her a happy birthday.

The actress in a short video she shared via her verified Instagram handle said if you want to love her, love her unconditionally without expectation.

She also claimed that many people unfollowed her after she replied with thanks to their messages on Instagram as they wished her happy birthday yesterday, 24th-March-2020.

Ruth explained that many took offense to her reply and unfollowed her, and even blocked her from messaging them, which doesn’t make sense at all.

The actress said in the video she shared;

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Hey, guys, I want to, first of all, say categorically that I appreciate everybody that loves me and have chosen to show me love on my birthday.

And I also want you guys to know that every time is my birthday, I get scared. I start having palpitations. I feel anxious because I know that moments and things like this will come up.

The people who will get angry that they wished me happy birthday. And the ones who think that my response of gratitude was disrespectful was not enough for them.

I need you to understand that I have 4.1 million+ Followers, so many people call me, text me, send me voice messages, sending messages on Instagram. And in the midst of that, I still have to work.

I went to work yesterday as a producer and I’m dealing with overwhelming stress from producing. And I still have to literally sit down and be telling people thank you, Thank you is not easy. Please, if you want to show me love, show me love without expectation.

Whether I see your message or Whether I don’t see it. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

I will eventually see, because I’m the kind of person who gives without expectation and I don’t like you when people tell me, Oh, Ruth I wish you a happy birthday and all you said to me was just thanks. There are some people that I didn’t even see on their own.

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So they mean, you know, people get angry, people unfollow you, people block you on petty things. Please now, please, if you are going to be happy and be angry that I didn’t reply you, then don’t wish me at all, I won’t be angry.

I will not even know you wish me because I’m not petty like that. Please, my brothers and sisters, forgive me. I was in a village yesterday shooting in one deep village.

Please, I beg you, in the name of God I can’t wake up in the morning and I’m dealing with drama. I don’t like stress. I don’t like stress at all. And I don’t want to feel like I’m hurting somebody. I’m not even aware that I’m hurting somebody. Please love me unconditionally Or don’t love me at all. We no go fight Biko.

Watch the video below.

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